Professional Retaining Wall Construction in St. Louis

Retaining walls can be used to add design, aesthetic appeal, drainage or erosion control, and function to a landscaping design. There are a variety of types of retaining walls available including natural stone and interlocking block retaining walls. Each of these different materials is available in a wide variety of colors and will add a different style to your overall landscaping design. At Mitchell Lawn and Landscaping, we are certified retaining wall installers. We can design and build retaining walls of all styles and sizes. We can create these as part of our complete patio design or landscaping design services or simply as an individual service to address erosion control or drainage problems.

Retaining Wall Uses

Retaining walls can be designed for a structural, drainage control, or aesthetic purposes. For example, stone retaining walls can enhance a garden bed or highlight a specific area within your yard. They can be used to add several levels or dimensions within your landscape in order to add interest and take advantage of more space in a sloping or uneven yard. Additionally, retaining walls also serve an important role in controlling rainwater drainage and preventing erosion. Finally, retaining walls can even be used to add aesthetic appeal or function to a landscaping or hardscaping design. For example, a retaining wall can be used to add additional seating to a space by creating a natural bench along a patio or near a built in fireplace.

Types of Retaining Walls

There are many different styles of retaining walls to choose from as retaining walls can be built out of a variety of materials. Different types of retaining walls offer a different type of style and durability. Therefore, selecting the best type of retaining wall should depend on your preferred style as well as the structural application of your wall.

The main types of retaining walls that we recommended for our St. Louis clients include:

  • Interlocking Block Retaining Walls: This type of retaining wall uses man-made, interlocking blocks of concrete, stone, or cement to build a relatively strong wall. They can be used for small or large retaining walls and are available in a variety of colors and styles to create a variety of looks.
  • Natural Stone Retaining Walls: Natural stone retaining walls include walls made using stone, brick, or cinder blocks. The stones can be simply stacked or mortared together for added strength. These create a rustic look and style that compliments many landscaping designs. Mortared stone retaining walls are ideal for many applications as they often provide a great deal of strength for controlling soil erosion.
  • Boulder Retaining Walls: Boulder retaining walls use large stone boulders that are strategically stacked and arranged to create a wall. This is an environmentally friendly retaining wall option that can add natural beauty and function to your landscaping design. Additionally, when large boulders are used for wall construction, boulder retaining walls can be durable and effective for holding back soil and preventing erosion. We can create boulder retaining walls using a variety of styles, sizes, and colors of boulders in order to create the customized look you desire.

Learn More About Our Retaining Wall Construction Services

If you are interested in learning more about our retaining wall construction services or you would like to work with us to develop the retaining wall and landscaping design that you have been dreaming of, please contact our St Louis landscaping company today.