About Mitchell Lawn & Landscape

Mitchell Lawn and Landscaping is a leading landscaping company located in the West County area in St. Louis. We offer complete landscaping design, lawn care, landscape lighting, and landscaping maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients that are located throughout the St. Louis area. With our complete landscaping services, we can design and maintain beautiful lawns and landscaped areas. To learn more about how our landscaping services can meet your needs, contact our landscaping company to speak with a professional today. You can also learn more about our professional landscapers here on our website.

Professional Landscaping Services in St. Louis

Our complete landscaping services include performing ongoing landscaping maintenance and lawn care services as well as completing major design and installation projects for landscaping, hardscapes, landscape lighting, irrigation systems, and drainage systems. With these complete services, our St. Louis landscaping professionals will ensure that your lawn and landscaping stays looking its best. If you would like to learn more about any of our professional landscaping or lawn care services, please contact the professionals at our St. Louis landscaping company today.

Lawn Care Maintenance Services

We offer complete lawn maintenance services for residential and commercial clients. With these lawn care services, our landscaping professionals can perform the weekly mowing, fertilizing, lawn aeration, seeding, dethatching, or brush hog mowing services needed to maintain a healthy lawn. We can offer complete lawn maintenance or customize your lawn maintenance services as needed in order to best meet your needs.


Landscape Maintenance Services

As part of our landscaping services, we can maintain your existing landscaping in order to keep your property looking its best. Our landscaping maintenance services include trimming trees and shrubs, mulching beds, planting annual flowers, and maintaining plant and flower beds. We can also offer leaf removal and clean up services during the fall as well.


Landscaping Design Services

We offer a variety of professional landscape design services. With these services, we can design and install your complete landscaping. This includes designing and installing retaining walls, hardscaping elements, and water features. Our landscaping professionals will also help you to select and install the perfect, trees, shrubs, and flowers to fit into your landscaping design and create the overall look you desire.


Landscape Lighting Services

Landscape lighting will add new dimension and drama to your landscaping while increasing safety and security. We can design, install, and maintain landscaping lighting around your home and landscaping. We also offer holiday lighting services for commercial and residential clients.


Erosion Control & Drainage Services

By using a variety of erosion control and drainage techniques, we can create a solution to any erosion or drainage problems in your yard or throughout your landscaped areas. This will protect your landscaping and home from the damage that can be caused by rainwater.


Snow Removal Services

We offer snow removal and ice control services for commercial clients in the St. Louis area. With these services, we will be ready at a moment’s notice to clear your walkways, parking lots, and roadways when a St. Louis winter storm hits.


Learn More About our Landscaping Services in St. Louis

If you are interested in learning more about our complete landscaping services that are available to residential and commercial clients throughout the entire St. Louis area, please contact our landscaping experts today. You can also learn more about what our customers think of our professional landscapers by reading the customer testimonials provided on our website.