Mulching Services in St. Louis

An important part of landscaping care and maintenance is applying mulch as needed to plant beds and around trees. Mulching will prevent unwanted weed growth and ensure that your landscaping looks its best. In addition, mulch provides nutrients to the plant material that it covers. At Mitchell Lawn and Landscaping, we can deliver and apply a variety of types of mulch for residential properties and landscaped areas throughout the St. Louis area.

Our Residential Mulching Services

Our available mulching services include one annual mulch application as well as two mulch cultivation services. These mulching services will help keep your plant beds and landscaping looking their best for the entire year.

  • Mulching: Our mulching service includes applying mulch to all of the necessary plant beds, flower beds, and trees. All of the mulched areas will receive a fresh layer of 2” of mulch that is spread evenly throughout the bed and in the tree rings.
  • Cultivation of Mulch: This mulching service cultivates the mulch in order to help promote the exchange of nutrients and water for plant material. Cultivation also helps to rejuvenate the original color of the mulch for aesthetic appeal. We perform mulch cultivation services twice per season, including once in July and again in the fall.

With our residential mulching services, we can apply a variety of types and colors of mulch to your property. Each of these different types of mulch can be used to create a unique look or style. The types of mulch we use for our mulching services include:

  • Double Ground Hardwood Mulch
  • Triple Ground Mulch
  • Dyed Brown Mulch
  • Dyed Red Mulch
  • Dyed Black Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Rubber Mulch
  • Pine Nuggets

Benefits of Mulching

  • Helps soil retain moisture during hot St. Louis summers in order to reduce watering needs and promote plant health
  • Reduces the growth of weeds and grasses which reduce aesthetic appeal and compete with trees and plants for water and nutrients
  • Reduces erosion around trees by softening the impact of rain
  • Adds organic material to the soil for improved plant growth
  • Increases the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping and plant beds
  • Protects trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers from being damaged by mowers

Learn About Our Mulching & Residential Landscape Maintenance Services

If you are interested in our mulching and residential landscape maintenance services, please contact our landscaping company today. As a leading landscaping company serving commercial and residential customers throughout the St. Louis area, we offer a complete range of landscaping maintenance services to our clients. Contact us to learn more about these services or to schedule your landscaping or mulching service.