Lawn & Plant Fertilization Services in St. Louis

At Mitchell Lawn and Landscaping, we have the experience and expertise needed to keep your lawn or turf looking its best and healthiest. Our complete lawn fertilizing service includes several fertilizer applications throughout the growing season in order to provide your grass with the nutrients needed for proper growth.

It will also help prevent and control weed growth while controlling and preventing insect infestations that can be harmful and damaging to your grass as well. With our complete lawn fertilizing services, you can keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

To learn more about our fertilizing services for commercial and residential customers or to schedule an appointment with one of our lawn care experts for your fertilizing service, please contact us today. Throughout the greater St. Louis area, Mitchell Lawn and Landscaping, will be sure to keep your lawn and landscaping looking its best with our complete lawn maintenance and landscaping services.

Our Lawn Fertilizing Application Services

We recommend six total fertilizing applications throughout the course of the growing season in order to keep your lawn and turf looking its best. Our complete fertilizing services will prevent the growth of weeds and control harmful insects while providing the nutrients needed for a healthy turf.

Our complete fertilizing and lawn treatment services include:

  • Fertilizer – Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Treatment: This treatment is applied in March or April. It is a pre-emergent product that will prevent seeds from sprouting and is intended to stop the growth of crabgrass. It will also help promote turf green up.
  • Fertilizer – Broadleaf Weed Control Treatment: This lawn fertilizing treatment is applied during May. It will help control and prevent the growth or spread of most types of broadleaf weeds.
  • Fertilizer – Low Iron Treatment: Fertilizing with an iron fertilizer in June or July will help create a deep and even green color in the lawn even during the hot St. Louis summer.
  • Grub / Insect Control Treatment: Grubs and other insects can be extremely harmful to a lawn. Therefore, we apply an insect control weed treatment in June or July to help prevent these harmful insects.
  • Blended Fertilizer Treatment: In September, your lawn is recovering from the long, hot St. Louis summer. This fertilizing treatment will help give your turf the nutrients it needs for this recovery.
  • Winterizer Treatment: This fertilizing treatment will be applied in November. It will help prepare your turf for the winter by encouraging root growth and providing important nutrients.

We also offer a spot fertilizer and weed control treatment services as needed to help control nut grass and for broadleaf weed control. This is a post-emergent treatment that can be applied after weeds have already sprouted. It is used as a spot treatment to kill nut grass and broadleaf weeds throughout a lawn.

The Importance of Fertilizing your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn will keep your turf grass healthy, green, and growing properly. Some of the main benefits of fertilizing your grass regularly include:

  • Healthier & Thicker Turf Growth: Fertilization gives your lawn the nutrients needed to promote good root growth and development and to help your grass grow to a lush and healthy level.
  • Weed Prevention: Regular fertilizing will help with the prevention of weed growth by applying weed prevention treatments to stop the growth of weeds or to kill existing weeds. Additionally, the thick and healthy lawn, which is achieved through proper fertilizing, can more easily choke out and control the growth of unwanted weeds.
  • Insect Control: Certain fertilization treatments will kill and prevent insect infestations, which can cause significant damage to your turf.

Our Tree & Shrub Fertilizing Services

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs is important to ensure plant health and prevent disease and insects. We offer a number of fertilizing applications throughout the growing season in order to help keep your trees and plants healthy. These applications include:

  • Dormant Oil Application: This creates an extra layer of protection so insects have a harder time eating through to the plants. Additionally, if an insect is already on the tree this oil base coating will suffocate the insect.
  • Spray for Chewers & Bagworms: We apply this spray on trees and shrubs to eliminate insects that can be harmful to your trees and shrubs. This will eliminate the eggs and larvae of the insects that are on a plant.
  • Spray for Chewers & Bagworms (2nd Spray App.): This second application is a follow up to the first in order to kill and eliminate any remaining insects.
  • Deep Root Injection Fertilizer: This fertilizer application gives your plants the nutrients they need by releasing a slow fertilizer into the roots of the plant.

Learn More About our Fertilizing Services

As a local landscaping company we understand the local area and can design the most efficient and effective fertilizing program for your lawn. Please contact our St. Louis landscaping company today to learn more about our fertilizing services and to find out how our fertilization services can help promote healthy turf growth for your home or commercial property.