Brush Hog Mowing Services in St. Louis

Brush hog mowing involves using specialized lawn mowing equipment to cut tall grass and brush from fields and other overgrown areas. At Mitchell Lawn and Landscaping in St. Louis, we offer our brush hog mowing services to handle nearly any size job. Whether you have a large private property or a plot of commercial land in need of clearing, we can mow your tall grass and brush that an ordinary mower would not be able to handle.

As a leading lawn care and landscaping company, our brush hog mowing services are available to clients located throughout the entire St. Louis area. With our specialized brush hog mowing equipment, we can meet the needs of many commercial and residential customers. Learn more about our brush hog mowing services or schedule your mowing service by contacting our St. Louis landscaping company.

What is Brush Hog Mowing?

Brush hog mowing is the ideal choice when you need to clear or mow a large property that has become overgrown with tall grasses, shrubs, plants, and small trees. A brush hog is a large mower that is designed to be attached to the back of a tractor. Brush hog mowers are much more powerful than traditional lawn mowers, and can be used to clear everything from large weeds to small trees and shrubs in a very short amount of time. Because brush hog mowers are equipped with a thick, dull blade attached to hinges, they are resistant against rocks, large stumps, and other potential hazards. Brush hog mowing can be used over rough or smooth terrain including clearing large flat lots as well as inclines and ditches.

Our Brush Hog Mowing Services

With our brush hog mowing services, we can provide mowing services for nearly any size or type of job. No matter how overgrown your land or property has become, we have the equipment and power needed to take down tall grasses, small shrubs, and saplings on any overgrown property or land. Our brush hog mowing services can easily handle the types of projects that would clog or stop a regular mower.

Our brush hog mowing services are available for mowing and clearing:

  • Fields
  • Vacant Lots
  • Overgrown Construction Sites and Development Properties
  • Retention Ponds
  • Power Line Right-of-Ways
  • Roadsides
  • Commercial Properties
  • Large Private and Residential Properties
  • Industrial Lots
  • Farm Properties
  • Ditches and Inclines
  • Animal Pastures and Fields
  • Subdivision Land

Learn More About Our Brush Hog Mowing Services

If you would like to learn more about our brush hog mowing services or you want to schedule brush hog mowing services for your property, please contact our St. Louis landscaping company today. You can also learn more about our complete lawn maintenance and landscaping services here on our website.